Trends for retail in 2020: what are the main?

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What are the main trends for retail in 2020? 

A sure bet is that the consumer remains in the center of attention and investment in technology is paramount for companies to connect with their customers.

From these premises, experts have mapped out some paths that retail should take next year.

Retail Trends:

For Hibou, market research and monitoring company, will be six main trends: 

  • 1 – More transparency in product origin tracking; 
  • 2 – Social commerce (with sales through means like WhatsApp and Instagram);
  • 3 – Super apps to cover the entire digital consumer wallet;
  • 4 – Interactive packaging, used as a contact and communication channel;
  • 5 – Self service; 
  • 6 – Digitally Native Vertical Brands, which are the brands that are born in the digital environment and go directly to the consumer, without intermediaries.

A PR Newswire, from the Cision group, that offers media intelligence services, mapped seven retail directions. She quotes:

  • 1 – Social commerce; 
  • 2 – Use of augmented reality in sales; 
  • 3 – Product customization; 
  • 4 – Visual search, that allows you to find products just by taking pictures, from artificial intelligence; 
  • 5 – Omnichannel Experiences; 
  • 6 – Same day deliveries; 
  • 7 – Ethical brands, that are based on values.

Connection Human

The Global Marketing Trends report 2020, consultancy Deloitte, also brings predictions to the market, with the objective of “guiding business leaders in developing strategies for a constantly evolving digital age, keeping human experience at the center of their work ”.

The study highlighted how trends for brands: purpose, human experience, Fusion, confidence, participation, talent and agility

According to the survey, to 1 human connection - common theme in all topics - is more important than anything, in an increasingly digital world, where people can feel isolated, underrepresented and dissatisfied.

Better logistical conditions, process automation and security in digital operations are other points that are continually remembered by industry studies.

“Most of the retail trends for 2020 is linked to understanding the buying journey. This is great news for the consumer, that perceives a growing concern of companies to understand their preferences. This retail effort generates a maturing relationship with customers, bringing gains to both sides ”, says Tiago Serrano, SoluCX CEO and retail specialist.

Consumer Ultradynamic

Thereby, it remains for retail to take advantage of the resumption observed at the end of 2019 and positive projections for next year - CNC (National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism) expect increase 5,5% in sales -, paying attention to the demands of the modern consumer.

In this sense, it is worth taking advantage of the insights of the “Ultradinamic Consumer” study, to WGSN, trend forecasting company. First semester released, the survey points out purchases made by mobile devices, human connections, climate concerns, trust in brands, population aging and the sharing economy as macro trends linked to changes in public behavior.

About a SoluCX

SoluCX is a startup in São José dos Campos (SP) offering solutions for managing the customer experience. With SoluCX software and methodology, companies of all sizes have access to fundamental information to understand customer behavior and its relationship with the brand, which allows the design of strategies to generate better financial results from the loyalty and improvement of services and processes.

SoluCX believes that, through customer satisfaction, companies can create a closer and lasting relationship with the community of each of their units. currently, SoluCX evaluates around 500 thousand purchases per month, carried out in about 5.600 stores more than 30 customers, like Magazine Luiza, Spa of the Eyebrows, Sorridents, Swift, Sao Paulo Drugstore, Pacheco Drugstores, Telhanorte, Petz and Cobasi, among others.

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