Swift has more than 100 stores in the state of São Paulo and became a reference in animal protein with more than 400 products

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A Swift, today part of the JBS group, was created in 1855, us United States, fruit of the visionary idea of ​​Gustavus F. Swift, which soon revolutionized the way meat was processed, distributed and marketed. He was responsible for creating the first animal processing line. Since then, the company grew and developed, becoming part of the lives of thousands of people around the world, transforming the way people buy and consume animal protein.

Beginning 2007, Swift started operating proprietary sales channels, reaching a level occupied by few brands. Now, your consumers have access to quality products with a differentiated shopping experience.

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Logotipo Swift

Founded in

1855 us United States

Number of stores


JBS Group

250.000 employee success

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