SoluCX gathers Retail leaders to promote discussion on the paths of a Customer Centric culture

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SoluCX brought together representatives of important national brands to discuss the implementation of NPS; gerentes da Magalu, Ri Happy and Petz shared their experiences on the panel

In the middle of the Customer Era, it is essential that companies are connected to consumer motivations and the Customer Centric culture. Understanding this audience and working efficiently and charmingly to retain them is a challenge that has been mobilizing from retail to health. And to exchange experiences about the area, SoluCX held on Wednesday (12) the event “I implemented the NPS, and now?”, in Sao Paulo.

A startup, who is from São José dos Campos, gathered more than 50 professionals in space InovaBra Habitat to discuss the topic. Representatives of companies like Bayer, Restoque, Telhanorte, Swift, Herval Group, CVC, Carrefour, Cobasi, Makro and Marisa, among others, attended. With a didactic approach, the CEO of SoluCX, Tiago Serrano, offered a lecture on what is the NPS, what are the difficulties of implementing it and how to adapt the dynamics of the methodology to the different demands of the companies.

"No field of Customer Experience, first, we need to clearly stipulate who is the person for whom the company wants to offer the best kind of experience. We also need to forget our perceptions and trust the data to guide the brand's actions ”, commented Tiago.

According to the CEO, excellence cases must permeate the company. That is, disseminated to employees through internal communication channels - such as newsletters, panels and newsletters.

“We hear a lot about customer service that exceeded customers' expectations, in which they are treated by name, get some treats. This storytelling is so strong that it transcends the company's doors and ends up reaching the general public. ”


After the introductory talk, the event had a panel that brought together three professionals from the field: Amanda Carvalho, Customer Intelligence Manager at Magalu; Karina Oliveira, Ri Happy Group CRM and Market Intelligence manager; and João Paulo Imamura, CRM coordinator at Petz.

Painelistas Magalu, Rihappy e Petz
 Tiago Serrano(CEO of SoluCX) next to
Panelists João Imamura (Petz), Karina Oliveira (Rihappy group) and Amanda Carvalho (Magalu)

The panelists were provoked by the SoluCX CEO to answer different questions about challenges faced before, during and after NPS implementation. The testimonials show that the implementation of the NPS program is the “tip of the iceberg” of building a Customer Centric culture.

“In our group, it's a new area, we started last year. Different from Magalu, where people parcel out, at Ri Happy they pay cash. So, registration is the main challenge. You need to identify the best channel to send the survey. You need to ask direct questions, easy to answer. This data is used to solve problems at the root ”, said Karina Oliveira, who has worked at Magazine Luiza.

Building the cadastral base

Among the challenges cited by the panelists, the importance of building an efficient cadastral base is one of the main ones to understand the customer's perception. According to Amanda Carvalho, Magalu unified the store and website registration to facilitate this step.

“Another important thing is to understand the customer's profile to know where it would be easier for them to answer the survey. The e-mail, for example, works for the e-commerce customer. The store customer, which is less ‘digital’, likes phone searches more. Depending on the channel, we are merging this information to achieve greater engagement in research ”, explained Amanda.

What to do with the data?

Another point discussed during the panel was the purpose for the company to collect information about the customer journey. After all, as the CEO of SoluCX insisted on emphasizing, just having the diagnosis is like being a person in a feverish state with a thermometer in hand. It is necessary to go beyond.

For this, the CRM coordinator at Petz, João Paulo Imamura, stressed that the company is careful when closing the loop (cycle) customer experience. Na Petz, his team separates praise, suggestions and the profile of so-called detractors - people who, besides not consuming, still influence others to do the same.

“We separate each area to be answered. And they return it to our CRM system. We measure what was or was not answered and we contacted the managers, than, in its turn, send suggestions for an action plan. This is going beyond looking at just the indicator ”, states.

About SoluCX

SoluCX is a startup in São José dos Campos (SP) offering solutions for managing the customer experience. With SoluCX software and methodology, companies of all sizes have access to fundamental information to understand customer behavior and its relationship with the brand, which allows the design of strategies to generate better financial results from the loyalty and improvement of services and processes, adopting aspects of the customer centric culture.

The SoluCX tool integrates the traditional NPS (Net Promoter Score) with artificial intelligence to evaluate the shopping experiences in the retail market. currently, SoluCX evaluates more than 30 million purchases per month, carried out in about 5.000 stores more than 20 customers, like Magazine Luiza, Spa of the Eyebrows, Sorridents, Swift, Sao Paulo Drugstore, Pacheco and Petz Drugstores, among others.

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