SoluCX Reports


In real time

SoluCX offers several online reports for you to monitor performance and extract fundamental analysis to leverage the experience that your company provides


Build specific dashboards for each level of your organization with the information most relevant to them.

With a fully customizable and flexible panel, you can view on your phone and any other device.

Dashboard SoluCX
NPS report
Relator CSAT
CES report


Follow the evolution of the indicators in real time, filter and compare journeys, regions, placements and time periods.

See which attributes of Like&Dislike and Machine Learning that has the greatest impact on the experience offered to its customers.

Drill company / holding level, groups and units, up to the collaborator level.

Report of

Track the evolution of the response rate in real time. Make performance comparisons between different channels and cycles;

Filter your analysis by level, touchpoint, journey, channel and period. Create specific views and export report data.

Performance Report

All levels and DAYS

Have all journeys and organizational hierarchy replicated in the system, with restricted access to each of the levels.

Implement NPS®

correctly and with the best practices

All metrics in one place

NPS Extract


– View all ratings and extract insights;

– Refine your analysis by filtering by levels, touchpoints, journeys, intervals, channels, etc.;

– Deal with customers;

– Export all data for specific analyzes;

– Integrate with your CRM via API.