Ranking SBVC: as 300 largest Brazilian retail companies

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A SBVC (Brazilian Society of Retail and Consumption) released the fifth edition of the SBVC Ranking “300 Largest Companies in the Brazilian Retail Industry”, with the GPA groups, Carrefour, Walmart, LASA / B2W e Magazine Luiza occupying the top positions.

According to the study, as 300 largest companies earned R $ 648 billions in 2018, with the effect of an annual growth of 7,9%, more than triple the 2,2% retail as a whole.

National retail leader among economic groups, or GPA (that controls the Sugarloaf Mountain, Extra, Bahia and Ponto Frio Houses) had revenues of R $ 84,1 billion. While Carrefour, largest retail company in the country, obtained R $ 56,3 billion.

Ranking SBVC: leaders invest in digital transformation

For the president of SBVC, Eduardo Terra, retailers that invest the most in digital transformation are growing faster and modifying their businesses to become true business platforms, so it’s worth keeping up to date with new technologies.

“These are companies that solve customers' problems. In this way, indicate the path to be followed and point to a market that is constantly renewing itself. Understanding global best practices and, equally, translating these practices into the Brazilian reality is creating the New Retail green and yellow. a New Retail that incorporates digital resources in all phases of the relationship with customers and generates new experiences. Undeniably more efficient and productive ”, states.

The sector with the largest number of companies in the ranking is supermarkets, with 136 representatives, followed by the fashion sector, footwear and sporting goods, with 47 Business. It is important to analyze the behavior of companies at the top of the ranking, however, no company should have its analysis discarded.

The survey also highlights that 300 companies employ 1,5 million people, 17 of them have over a thousand stores (O Boticário has the highest number - 4.176) and the balance of opening points of sale was positive: 1.902 between 2017 and 2018 (Raia Drogasil leads in this item, with 215 new units).

Check out the 10 largest Brazilian retail companies:

  1. GPA
  2. Carrefour Brazil Group
  3. Walmart Brasil
  4. LET / B2W (American stores, Submarine, Shoptime)
  5. Magazine Luiza
  6. Ray Drogasil
  7. Boticário Group
  8. DPSP (Sao Paulo Drugstore, Pacheco)
  9. Renner Stores
  10.  Riachuelo

The complete ranking can be accessed by SBVC website.

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