NPS Benchmark: What is a good NPS?

NPS Benchmark: what is a good NPS?
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How much did you get on the test?

Do you remember when you were at school and you were asked what your grade was on a particular test or activity? Or maybe you were the person who asked your colleagues this? 

Humans like to know how they are compared to others. similarly, this also occurs in different areas of the corporate world., and the customer experience is not left out.. When we analyze a segment, it is possible to map the main players in the market, what are their characteristics and how do they differ from each other.

And how to know if you passed the year and if your grade is above the class average?

O NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a very well known metric in the market, it is the main indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty.. We talk a little more about NPS in the article What is NPS. Having a good NPS doesn't just mean that a company has satisfied customers, it also reflects their willingness to recommend it.. Besides that, many companies use this metric, which allows comparisons and benchmarking to be made.

Demystifying the zone of excellence: What is a good NPS?

It is common to come across tables and graphs indicating which is the ideal score for an NPS, but the truth is that there is no ideal range, everything will depend on the context in which your company finds itself.

Although the NPS varies from -100 to 1 +100, it doesn't mean that the best company has a score of +100 and the worst a score of -100, in some cases, the brand with the most satisfied customers doesn't even come close to that number. That is why, to do an analysis and comparison of a company's NPS, it should not be based on data and information that do not consider the characteristics of a specific segment.

Suppose your company's NPS score is +50, how do you think she would be in relation to her classmates? Do you think you would be above or below the segment average?

NPS Benchmark Powered by SoluCX is a solution that compares brands and companies according to the perception NPS of each one of them., using the same criteria within the same methodology. Just as it is not possible to compare the performance of 1st grade students with 4th grade students in the math test., we can't compare brands that are in very different contexts..

The image below was developed from the data collected by the tool and gathers the NPS averages of some segments of the Brazilian market, as well as the minimum and maximum NPS of the main players in each sector. To obtain the most detailed result of some segments and check the notes of all brands searched, see our NPS Benchmark Reports.

Bringing a practical example to facilitate understanding, in the report of NPS Benchmark for the Telecommunications sector, we disclose that Vivo's perception NPS is +10,4. Many people could claim that this grade is low., but when the brand is compared with others in the same segment, we see that it is above average, which is from -0,5.

In the report of the banking segment, we disclose the NPS of perception of some companies in the sector, as Nubank, Banco Inter, among others. Let's take the Itaú bank as an example, the company's perceived NPS is +37,6, and is below the segment average, but if Itaú were in the Telecommunications segment, the NPS would be way above average.

Lastly, it is possible that a company does have an excellent NPS, However, the zone of excellence must be established according to the main characteristics of the sector in which it is inserted, not being the same for all market segments.

Is that you? How much did you get on the test?

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