Magalu is a reference in Brazilian retail with sales of 43.6 billion in 2020

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Created in the decade of 50, on France, in São Paulo, Magazine Luiza has become a company driven by development cycles. The company has already lived through the expansion cycle in the interior of Brazil, the cycle of entry into the São Paulo market and consolidation as one of the major Brazilian retailers, the cycle of search for scale and regional coverage via acquisitions, the digital transformation cycle. They have all been completed. Beginning 2019, a new moment has begun — positioning Magalu as a digital retail platform, an ecosystem that helps thousands of other businesses enter the universe of virtual transactions.

Five pillars support this new Magalu business cycle — exponential growth, faster delivery, SuperApp, offering new product categories, mainly through the marketplace, and Magalu at your Service (or Magalu as a Service). The challenge of more than 35.000 employees of the company is to strengthen these pillars so that the digital ecosystem works fully.

By becoming a large digital ecosystem, o Magalu, with its roots in the interior of the country, is getting ready to be the company that will digitize Brazil.

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