Identify the main motivators of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with Dynamic Likes&Dislikes

Likes & Dislikes SoluCX


Less friction

Low Friction

Make your customer experience easier, collecting more data in less time.

Dynamic Algorithm


Deeply understand the dissatisfaction motivators of each operation through our dynamic algorithm.

Smart survey with greater engagement

High engagement

Increase your response rate with a quick survey of 15 seconds.

Where is used?

The Dynamic Likes&Dislikes are one of the motivators of the Smart Survey, collected right after the main indicator. Because it is a very fast and comprehensive resource, is able to collect a high volume of data with low friction for the respondent.

Likes&Dynamic Dislikes

Dynamic Likes&Dislikes

Initially it is displayed 6 classes for each respondent. When one of them reaches the desired sampling error, its subclasses are displayed for evaluation..

The algorithm of this feature dynamically changes the Likes&Dislikes, for you to identify the most critical points of each journey.

Statistical Relevance

View the sampling error for each motivator. The greater the volume of data collected, better accuracy for your decision making.

Statistical Relevance

Manage the experience

of your customers smartly

Like Report & Dislikes

Evolution Chart

Follow the evolution of each motivator in a simple and intuitive way, identifying in the timeline the periods of best and worst performance of the indicator.

Ranking e Drill Down

Select one of the motivators and compare in real time the performance of your groups, units and operations, to identify the best and worst performances.

Ranking e Drill Down

How does it work?

All comments are interpreted and embedded in the motivators (likes & dislikes) available in the system. In this way the comments become numbers and it is possible to follow them as indicators, and not in the subjectivity of a word cloud or tag system without evolution tracking.