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“Here at SoluCX we have already developed several resources so that all of our customers are in compliance with the General Law on Protection of Personal Data (LGPD). Aligned with all the work on the platform security, personal data can be categorized and masked so that only specific accesses can view it. Besides the flexibility, control and recording of data and actions, including manipulation, exclusion, editing and anonymization of all information ”.

Daniel Ferreira

The person in charge of Customer Data (DPO) from SoluCX

LGPD data security
Google Cloud Plataform

Secure data

SoluCX uses Google Cloud SQL services that provide a set of features to ensure that data is securely stored and accessed.
With encrypted database (AES-256), Digital certification and other security features.

SSO - Single Sign On

SSO is a technological solution that allows access to the SoluCX platform using the same password as other applications in a secure and transparent way.

Segregation and access profile

Each profile has its permissions controlled for activity and section. In addition to being able to be changed individually or in bulk. On the platform, it is still possible to assign multiple levels of access: Administrator, Headquarters, Regional manager, Unit Manager, Sub-Manager and Collaborator.

Logs of actions and data changes

We have records of all actions in the system, linked to each of the access logins. In this way, companies have full control of their employees' actions regarding the data manipulated on the platform.

Privacy Status

On the Statement page you can see 3 more customer data conditions: 1- When the customer requests the deletion of data; 2- When data is deleted because it has passed the storage period; 3- When the customer has made any changes to the data.
You can also edit and delete customer data manually or in bulk.

Link of Policy and Edition of personal data

Your company will be able to register your links related to the privacy policy and editing of personal data and these will be displayed in emails sent by SoluCX, on the survey completion page and on the pages where other customer information is collected

Policy and editing of personal data

Data storage period

The company will be able to configure the period that the stored data should be stored

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