Close the cycle of negotiations with Inner Looping

Use this module to listen, respond and offer the best possible service. Show the customer that their opinion matters.

Inner Looping

Main benefits

Manage negotiations and optimize processes

Get a view of the complete customer service cycle and direct demands to each person responsible.

Automate responses and reduce uptime

Create custom templates, automatic triggers and respond to a high volume of customers.

Convert detractors into neutrals and promoters

Close the loop with your customer and improve their perception of your company.

How does it work

Centralized deals

Deal with customers in one place

Eliminate the use of multiple tools. center opinions, notes, historical, customer information and respond all in the same environment.

direct responsible

Assign handling actions to the person in charge of each area, creating a sense of ownership and reinforcing a customer-centric culture.

Direct Responsible
Reply Customers

answer customers

Either by SMS or Email, finalize the negotiation using the channel with the best adherence for your customers.

Create custom templates

Create a visual template with your identity and prepare customized response templates for each type of service.

Create Custom Templates
Automate Answers

Automate responses

Create different automated handling flows according to customer responses, gaining agility and reducing operational time.

bulk replies

Create custom customer groups and send bulk responses, gaining scale, reducing effort and saving time.

reply in bulk
Conversion Flow

Convert detractors and increase your NPS

Convert dissatisfied customers by showing that their opinion was important to solve the problem, creating opportunities to alter your perception, increasing your NPS.

Your customer's opinion matters!

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Follow your negotiations

Unify your customer service solution and continuous improvement of the customer experience and follow the evolution throughout the dealing cycle. Segment by date, customer groups, methodologies, units, search channels and other advanced filters.

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