Guia do Customer Experience: the origin of CX

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The concept of customer experience, also known as CX or customer experience, takes care of debates about the direction of retail, in a context of valuing all moments of the purchase journey, in which companies seek to meet consumer expectations, increasingly demanding.

CX deals with the customer's perception of a product or service after an interaction with the company. Be it conscious or subconscious; online or in person; pre, during or post-purchase; emotional or rational, this impression is fundamental to the consumer's subsequent relationship with a company or brand.

Customer Experience has become one of the pillars of retail, with large investments in customer relationship management, seen as strategic and long term, covering the entire corporate structure.

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Origin of CX

The term has become popular in recent years, but it has a more distant origin, referring to the Industrial Revolution and the development of the United States economy, very affected by events such as the stock market crash (1929) and World War II (1939-1945).

The constant thuds, that have bankrupted many companies, caused traders to diversify strategies in search of market survival. Like this, began to pay more attention to behavioral changes and consumer habits, so they could stop waste and focus their strengths on the real needs of customers.

The post-war “Baby Boom”, with a large increase in the number of children in American families, it was an important moment for the consolidation of many businesses, with increased production, invested in marketing and market segmentation.

Customer experience strategies

The client is the total focus of CX strategies and companies have as their true obsession the creation of unforgettable experiences, capable of creating bonds and retaining your target audience.

To achieve this goal, companies use tools such as satisfaction surveys, varied service channels, after-sales assistance and shopping experience evaluation, among many other possibilities to help “unravel” the consumer.

Customization from CX

From the feedback received in the interactions, it is possible to establish a link and start offering personalized offers, showing interest in customer preferences, making you feel valued and multiplying the chances of new business.

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With the spread of multichannel in retail, it is possible to further narrow the contact, getting information on better communication channels, ideas moments and even language to be adopted in each interaction.

You know your consumer?

Customer service, offering unique and remarkable experiences, financial return and brand strengthening. In theory, the CX path is known and brings relevant results if the defined strategies are followed. But, in practice, the story can be quite different.

Bain Research & Company shows that 80% of companies consider that they deliver experiences of great value to their customers, but only 8% consumers agree with the statement. An important warning that shows that the challenge of knowing the consumer, deal with your desires and anxieties, it's permanent.

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