NPS Benchmark: Desmistificando a zona de excelência

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How to measure and consolidate the customer experience across multiple journeys

As novas tecnologias e formas de consumo vem transformando a maneira como os clientes se relacionam com as marcas.

Desmistificando a zona de excelência

Decidimos fazer uma Live com o time caseiro e com base nas nossas pesquisas do “NPS Benchmark”, vamos mergulhar nos dados coletados e identificar as empresas que se destacam

The future of mobility and new experiences

With the advance of the pandemic, os novos hábitos de transporte e o uso de novas tecnologias, mainly by the new generation, aceleraram a busca global por soluções de mobilidade.

Telemedicine in the Patient Experience

Hospitals, clinics and health plans saw in Telemedicine an opportunity to transform the Patient Experience.

NPS Benchmark: You know how nps is in your segment?

To properly benchmark and identify what a good score is, it is necessary to understand the market and its competitors.

Financial sector transformations

We identify the differences between traditional banks, digital and public. In addition to listening to the voice of customers regarding this transformation.

Research methodologies: NPS, CSAT e CES

Understanding all of your customer's steps and knowing which indicator is appropriate for each point of the journey is a fundamental task for a Customer Experience leader.

How to build journeys and implement indicators to give a voice to the customer

In this edition of Journey Talks you will hear case studies and insights from market leaders and references who are revolutionizing the service industry!

Webinar - CX Governance

The creation of improvement processes based on the voice of the customer and the implementation of the Customer Centric culture are part of the leader's journey when we talk about CX Governance.

Workshop - Trust in Research

Do you know what the optimal response volume is for your NPS surveys, CSAT and CES are really reliable? We created a free and exclusive Workshop for you!

Webinar - The Voice of the Customer

Bring the customer to the center of decisions, is to hear it. It’s giving people a voice at every point of the journey. After all, your client is being heard? We invite two Brazilian references when it comes to giving a Voice to the Client.

Webinar - Treating patients

Understand the importance of patient care, and how to identify the main problems in the operation to achieve service excellence.

Webinar - LGPD Challenges

Understand the main points of the law in an objective and simplified way, and how to put together an action plan to adapt your company and its suppliers to the security of personal data of your customers and users.

Webinar - Machine Learning Applied to CX

Understand how artificial intelligence can optimize your time and assist in management decisions in your business.

Webinar - The Patient Experience

Want to know how big hospitals, operators and clinics are doing to apply the Patient Experience vision in the healthcare segment?

Webinar - NPS Economics

Learn how to measure the financial return that a loyal customer brings to your business, applying the CX vision (Customer Experience).

Webinar - The Pillars of CX

You know the pillars of CX? Know the importance of each of them in the experience that your brand offers?