In real time

of all the levels
and journeys of your
company in the palm
of your hand

CSAT Report

– Follow the evolution of CSAT in real time;

– Conduct consolidated CSAT analysis at each level, touchpoint, journey, channel and period;

Compare the CSAT between groups / units, periods and with other indicators;

– Create specific views and export the data of the reports;

– Distribute the results of specific groups with exclusive access to your employees.

CSAT Ranking

- Drill down the company / holding level, groups and units, up to the collaborator level;

– See which are the operations, groups, units or employees with the best and worst CSAT;

- Confirm the statistical relevance using the sample error and make filters;

Filter and sort by volume of evaluations, experiences, CSAT, detractors, etc.

CSAT Ranking

CSAT Extract

– View received CSAT assessments and extract important insights;

– Refine your analysis by filtering by levels, touchpoints, journeys, intervals, channels, etc;

- Execute the negotiations with the customers;

Export all data for specific analyzes;

Integrate with your CRM via API.

Implement CSAT

correctly and with the best practices

your CSAT search

Like & Dislike

The algorithm of this feature dynamically changes likes & dislikes, so you can identify the most critical points of each journey and ensure your customers satisfaction.

Machine Learning

Better than word clouds, SoluCX's Machine Learning identifies the the sentiment of the comments and it is possible to follow them as indicators


Select a sequence of sending channels, leverage your response rate and ensure the statistical relevance of your CSAT results at all levels.

Multicanais SoluCX

What is

The first Customer Satisfaction indicator, the CSAT, or Customer Satisfaction, began its journey in 1989 in Sweden, where it was initially called the Swedish Customer Satisfaction Barometer or SCSB. Claes Fornell, one of the founders of ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index), was the one who developed the methodology in Sweden, as well as in the United States. Beginning 1994, together with other researchers from the University of Michigan, in conjunction with the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the CFI Group in Ann Arbor, Michigan, started ACSI, or American Customer Satisfaction Index (American Customer Satisfaction Index).

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