Athena Saúde and its main indicators of success in measuring SPL

Athena Health
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We invite Debora Tineo, customer experience and quality manager at Athena Health, to help us understand the main indicators of success in measuring SPL.

Which successful KPI’s were identified after the first SPL measurement?

Response rate (Email and SMS)5,21%
Sample Error18,5%
Rate of Comments32,8%

What was the initial challenge?

Debora: “Consolidate all indicators of the patient / beneficiary experience of all brands in a single system, and quickly”.

What were the insights gained after the first SPL measurement?

Debora: “In the first SPL measurement, we noticed several important points, one of them was the need to increase engagement, in addition, we identified several possibilities for improvements arising from the comments and the need to properly deal with detracting patients”.

  • Increase engagement.
  • Insights from comments.
  • Need for a deal.

What are the first improvement actions after the first NPS measurement?

Debora: “The first actions were the organization of the team and division of tasks, creating focus groups in each hospital, in addition to a periodicity of report consolidation for each department. We meet monthly to review comments in order to adjust processes. Another action was the creation of marketing campaigns to help us in the internal communication of employee engagement, to present what NPS was and the concepts of a patient-centered culture”.

  • team organization.
  • Consolidation of reports for responsible areas.
  • Marketing campaigns for internal engagement.
  • Creating a process of dealings.

Evolution of Athena Saúde since the first measurement

1month – June of 201919month – December 2020
Levels in the Hierarchy55
Channels2 (e-mail and SMS)4 (e-mail, SMS, QR code e tablet)
Shot volume1.170325.418
Response Volume6137.970
Rate of Comments20 (32,8%)13.280 (35%)
Sample Error18,5%0,53%
Onboarding and setup time30 days

Who is Athena Saúde?

Athena Saúde is a holding created from the union of operators, hospitals and the Patria investment fund, and today it is one of the largest supplementary health companies in the country, acting through health insurance providers, hospitals, clinics and clinics in the states of Paraná, Holy Spirit, Piauí, Maranhão and Rio Grande do Norte.

Today the group has 497 thousand beneficiaries, 4 operators, 47 clinics and 7 hospitals, accounting 3,5 millions of services annually.

Trademarks: Samp; Santa Rita Health; Medplan; human health; my medimage; Oncomedic; Good Samaritan Hospital; Hospital Santa Maria; Maternity Maternity; Hospital Vitória; Vitória Apart Hospital; Prontomed; Children's Prontomed; Maranhão Medical Center.

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