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Written by Alan Lima

The Brazilian health segment is undergoing an accelerated digital transformation. Hospitals, Diagnostic Medicine and Operators are interacting to improve people's quality of life through technological solutions. A holding Athena Health, managed by the Pátria Investimentos group, currently has 14 different brands and continues at a fast pace of acquisitions in Brazil. It is certainly among the largest supplementary healthcare companies in the country, with an expressive number of 440 thousand beneficiaries, concentrating their flags in the states of Espírito Santo, Paraná and Piauí, having a structure composed of operators, emergency units, hospitals and clinics, who perform more than 3,1 million calls.

A holding works with an action plan focused on the health segment, investing in infrastructure, technology and innovation to improve the quality of the processes of its brands. Before you know SoluCX, to 1 holding already used the method Net Promoter Score (NPS), However, struggled to consolidate the results of its entire structure into a single system. According to the Director of Technology, Processes and Quality of Athena Saúde, Eduardo Margara, upon meeting the startup SoluCX, it was possible to see the possibility of viewing more consolidated reports on different patient journeys.

Eduardo Margara

We were looking for a tool that would meet our need to consolidate results of the holding, but that would also , enable us to carry out the Drill Down by health operators and hospitals in the different journeys of each patient. SoluCX gave us full support during the integration, which was very fast, even involving 14 different brands and their management systems

Currently, our platform receives monthly from Athena Saúde brands more than 200 thousand services from different sectors, consolidates information in real time and automatically distributes to configured hierarchies, all this on just one platform. This fact allows holding monitor your acquisitions more assertively and make strategic decisions in improvement projects.

The new monitoring framework, allows to holding get more than 350 real-time NPS results. Extraction of information, that previously took two to three days to obtain, with the implementation of the SoluCX platform, becomes just twenty seconds with a maximum of five clicks. Besides that, brands are integrated via REST API for the purpose of receiving and returning all information collected in the survey to a WITH A and Command Center.

In such a way, the NPS method enables Athena Saúde to understand the level of loyalty and satisfaction of its beneficiaries, assertive insights that can be used to increase your revenue, generating loyalty due to the improvement in their processes. The recommendation of a family member or friend impacts decision making, and patient promoters are kept when we think of him at all times.

Sector data

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Brazil is among the giant world markets, with a population estimate above 210 millions, life expectancy of 75,7 years and human development index (IDH) of 0,759.

In this perspective, public spending on 2015 represented 3,8% of Brazilian GDP and, adding the private, exceeded 8%, according to the report “Tax Aspects of Health in Brazil”, released by the World Bank and adapted by the National Treasury.

Recently, the Brazilian Federation of Hospitals (FBH) and the National Health Confederation published the report “Scenario of Hospitals in Brazil” revealing that there are more than 6.700 private hospitals, philanthropic and public. Together, the Beneficiary Information System (SIB) of the National Supplementary Health Agency (YEARS) informed in March of that year that more than 22% of Brazilians have a health plan.

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