5 tips to offer a good experience for your customer at Christmas

Commerce in the Christmas period
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Christmas is the most traditional date for retail trade, whether in e-commerce or physical stores, the period is known to be one of the great engines of world trade. According to one search published by FecomercioSP, only in the state of São Paulo should retail reach BRL 91 billion in sales in December, BRL 4.2 billion more than in 2020. In an age where everyone wants a slice of that pie, or better, of this panettone, how to make your business stand out? 

The answer to that question is simple: offer a good experience and win promoting customers!

Creating actions aimed at improving customer experience is essential for those who want to maximize their results at the end of the year, in addition to creating a unique opportunity for the loyalty of this public that will be attracted by the Christmas campaigns.

We have separated some special tips for you who want to delight your customer and turn them into a promoter of your brand..

Tips 1 – Preparation

It is essential to ensure that your customer will not encounter unnecessary friction when making their purchase journey., That's why we list some tips at this time of preparation.

Purchases: Start preparing for the date in advance and work with your sales team so that the products offered at that time are not unavailable.. Starting negotiations with suppliers beforehand also helps when negotiating prices and quantities.

Infrastructure: Create well-defined processes to organize inventory, labor and logistics. Ensure that your company will be able to support the sales flow of that time.

Technology: Review every technical part of your website so that problems such as crashes and instabilities do not occur during the sales period. In the case of physical stores, checking the systems used in operations is essential to not create friction during purchases. But watch out: technical problems can happen, therefore, be prepared to make up for the absence of some technology with humanized care so as not to lose sales.

Attendance: Be ready to serve your customer during pre- and post-sales. Whether for product exchanges after Christmas or to solve possible occasional problems, invest in a service sector that is able to handle the flow of contacts that occur during this time of year.

Tip 2 – listen to your customer

The term Voice of Customer is extremely important when we talk about experience. Understanding what your customer is saying is a key part of making your journey more assertive, after all, who better than himself to say what's wrong? 

Use quick satisfaction surveys that generate a good experience for the respondent, metrics like NPS, CSAT and CES are ideal. Also pay attention to the comments and complaints that come to you, because they are the ones who will explain the reason for that perception.

Work hard to resolve these frictions and ensure they do not recur during the journey.. Show your customer that he matters to the company and that his opinion is fundamental to the changes made.

Tip 3 – Sell ​​an experience

The act of giving during this time has nothing to do with the gift itself., but with the action, therefore, when creating your outreach strategies, focus on selling an experience, not a product.

Think, for example, of the classic Christmas commercials from large companies. The product, when presented, goes in the background, being an adjunct to what really matters: the christmas values. Focus on this concept and work your product in a way that it is just a tool to get where you want.

Tip 4 – Combine look with quality

Still talking about the experience, the look is one of the key points to create this “Christmas spirit” in your brand.

Whether in product packaging, in the decoration of the store or even in the layout of the website, invest in bringing your visual identity adapted for the Christmas period, this will help remind the customer why they are buying that product.

Make your product or service have the “Christmas face”, and show why he is ideal for the date. However,, a good look needs to be accompanied by a good quality. It's not enough to make beautiful packages if the content doesn't meet your customer's expectations. Always aim to balance the balance of look and quality, making the two work side by side.

Tip 5 – making the two work side by side.

making the two work side by side.. making the two work side by side.

making the two work side by side., after all, making the two work side by side., making the two work side by side., making the two work side by side., making the two work side by side.


making the two work side by side., making the two work side by side., suggestions and criticisms to guide your continuous improvement process. Analyze your experience as a whole, observing point-to-point of your journey and creating strategies to positively impact you.

If you want to earn from Santa Claus an increase in your NPS and all the advantages it brings, use “Christmas Magic” to delight your customers and turn them into promoters of your brand, building loyalty that will be reflected throughout the year.

Improve the experience and enhance your results

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