4 tips to ensure a good customer experience on Black Friday

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Black Friday is one of the most important dates for world trade. According to a survey made by Neotrust/Buy&Entrusts, in 2020, sales during this period in Brazil went from R$ 7,72 billions of reais. were more than 7,6 million purchases on a single date and the forecast for 2021 is that this value increases even more.

However,, with opportunity comes risk: how to prevent a bad experience from ruining your customer's Black Friday? 

Like almost every subject in Brazil, bad customer experiences have become internet jokes. Terms like "Black Fraud" and "half double" are common at this time in social networks. But how to change this perception and ensure that your customer will not regret buying from you? 

To give you this answer, we have the help of Heber Santos, Petlove customer experience manager, the largest pet product retailer in Brazil. During our webinar “Customer Experience in e-commerce in times of Black Friday” we brainstormed on the topic and brought you some best practice tips that you need to adopt if the intention is to surprise your customer in a positive way.

TIP 1 – Prepare-se

Lack of preparation for Black Friday is a serious and common problem. Many brands are not ready to handle the sales flow at this time and when the date comes, problems such as delays in deliveries, out of stock products, lack of customer service and declines in e-commerce sites are recurrent. But this is a problem that can be avoided.

According to Heber, it is necessary for the brand to understand where its bottlenecks will be and take actions to avoid problems at these specific points of the journey. To exemplify, he cast 4 vital points that need attention during this period.

Purchases: At Petlove, the preparation of the commercial department starts around 4 months before Black Friday to ensure products are available due to high demand. Doing this deal before, we were able to negotiate better prices in addition to ensuring that we have the product in demand”.

Infrastructure: Knowing the amount of items the company will have for the Black Friday period, we started to organize the distribution center. You need to know how much physical space you will need to store these products”.

Technology: Get ready to receive more visits to your website or store. Ensure systems will function correctly during peak traffic periods“.

Operations: Have mapped the average volume of calls and resize your operation, allocating staff resources or making new hires”.

TIP 2 – Relationship with suppliers and partners

A very important point in this forecasting and preparation process is a good relationship with suppliers. It is necessary to communicate clearly with your partners about what your goals are and what kind of experience you want to deliver to your customers. This relationship is essential when discussing issues such as price and logistics, in addition to being essential to ensure that both your needs, how your supplier's needs are met.

Tip 3 – Transparency

Mainly in a period marked by negative actions in the Brazilian market, Transparency is one of the fundamental points to create a feeling of security in your customer and guarantee him a good experience.

Show him what you're doing and how you're doing it., offer him only what he can do and most importantly, be truthful with your customer in case something negative happens, such as a delay in delivery.

Putting the rules of the game on the table, the customer will have no problems receiving a product with a longer delivery time than usual due to Black Friday, but the issue is transparency, you need to be transparent with it, especially with consumers who already know the company", Heber explains.

Tip 4 –  listen to your customer

When we talk about Customer Experience, it's common to talk about VoC (Voice of Customer), and that's not for nothing. Listening to what your customer has to say is one of the most basic things you need to work on if you want to offer them a good experience., mainly on Black Friday.

Understand what are the pains and fears that your client already carries from their past experiences and with that, work so that these problems do not recur. Understand what your customer's goal is and offer it within the company's possibilities.

"Know how your customer is feeling, because at the end of the day that's what you're working for. The product or service you are offering is to meet his demand, not yours, it's his perception that counts. If you're not willing to listen to him, it means you're not willing to evolve".

“SoluCX's NPS measurement tool is a great example of this, it has changed the level of how we listen to our customers a lot.. We currently measure the experience at different times and journeys and this is important for us to make decisions about where to act and what the next steps are", states Heber.


When we talk about Black Friday, the key word is trust. Work to make your customers trust your brand, offer truth to them in each of your actions and be consistent. Maintain during this period the same standard of excellence that you have throughout the year.

Black Friday is a time to enjoy. The date can be a gateway for new customers and that's why, ensuring them a good experience is key to creating this long-term bond.. Heber reinforces that:

“Black Friday is a showcase moment for you. It reaches people that you might not reach on a day-to-day basis using something other than marketing or even a referral from a friend.”

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